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MediaRevolution.Ru is an independent news project focused on Internet advertising in Russia. Russian economic shows steady growth, so does local advertising market which is raising even faster. As Internet advertising sector seizes its market share rapidly, following media scene changes could be described only as a revolution. This site collects and presents all related information (both from local and international markets) for advertising specialists in Russian. This section of the site made for English-speaking professionals and includes links to most important international publications as well as translations of MediaRevolution's articles about local market.

English version of MediaRevolution isn't updated anymore due to lack of an interest. Please contact us directly at submit@mediarevolution.ru if you need some information about Russian Internet market. We'll give you some up-to-date direction then.

Local Market News

Web Audience in Russia in 2008: Facts&Stats

MediaRevolution.Ru compiles statistics and facts, describing web audience in Russia in 2008 - number of users, biggest sites and also market gross. The estimations are made by TNS, FOM, comScore, Gemius, AKAR and other research companiers.

Market volume of $474 million

RACA: Advertisement expenditures in Russia have reached almost $9 billion in 2007, with$2.4 billion more going towards various marketing services. Marketing in internet media has shown the biggest growth of 92 percent, reaching 5.8 billion rubles ($227 million). The total volume of Russia’s internet advertisement market in 2007 was about $474 million.

Escape from Moscow

PR-Technologies and Rambler are launching a new online reality show “Escape from Moscow” in March. It will be an experimental voyage in an interactive blog format. The agency is offering ad placement and product placement in the cross-media project that will have an audience of over 3 million young, active, and well-off people.

Context keeps growing

iConText: The volume of context internet advertisement in Russia doubled in 2007 and has reached $225 million. In 2008 growth rates will stay at the same level, and total market volume will reach half a billion dollars.

Market volume - $369 million

MindShare Interaction: Last year, the Russian internet advertisement market volume was $369 million, which is 97% higher than the year before. Context advertisement market volume was about $210 million (57%), internet media advertisement market volume amounted to $159 million. In 2008 the market will grow by 75% on average, reaching $645 billion, of which $285 million will be media advertising.

On the brink of rapid growth

The online game market is rapidly growing in Russia. During the past three years, it tripled in turnover, with the volume growing to $60 million in 2007. Although online gaming profit is under 1% of the total amount, this figure is likely to grow as the online gaming audience becomes bigger.

Internet growing the fastest

RACA: The volume of Russia’s display internet advertisement market grew by 53% in the first nine months of 2007 in comparison with last year, reaching 2.7 billion rubles. The total advertisement market grew by 24% and totaled 153 billion rubles.

Number of car advertisements in Russian Internet expanded by 85% as compared with 2005.

Mindshare Interaction: This year the volume of car advertising in Russian segment of the Internet has expanded by 85% as compared with 2005. This is tied to increased activity of car dealers and to arrival of new car brands, which have actively used the Internet in their advertising campaigns. The car manufacturers’ overall interest in Internet as an advertising ground has also grown.  

Conversion Rate in Russian Internet equals 3,5%

Mindshare INTERACTION: in 2006 the average figure of Conversion Rate (the percentage of website visitors converted into consumers) for Russian Internet equaled 3,5%. This means that consumer behavior of Russian Internet users is on average similar to behavior of Internet users in the West.

FMCG to triple Internet budgets in 2007

In 2007 Russian FMCH advertisers will triple their Internet advertising budgets, claims the chairman of the board of IMHO VI Arsen Revazov. According to him, expenditures on promotion of FMCG-brands in the Russian Internet will grow to $30-40 million as compared with $10-15 million that were spent in 2006. 


Russian Internet Advertising Report – Summer 2006

Russian Federation is one of most promising developing economies where Internet is still growing with amazing speed. Advertising is a primary source of power for Internet businesses and a powerful instrument for the Russian economy overall. Respective market size will soon become big enough to be important for international companies.

ROMIR: Figures and Facts

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Quarterly ROMIR Monitoring conducts a research survey “Internet Monitoring”, enabling them to survey Internet users, find out users breakdown by region and identify the extent of their activities of the usage of World Wide Web, etc.

The Internet in Russia/Russia on the Internet

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The Public Opinion Foundation conducts a regular measurement of the Russian Internet audience, involving the evaluation of its size, profile and specific features.