Context keeps growing

iContext logo According to iConText analysts, the volume of context advertisement doubled last year and has reached $225 million, reports MediaAtlas.ru.

Yandex, which is one of 10 most popular search engines in the world, is responsible for 64% of the market volume, or $145 million (2.5 times greater than in 2006). Its main competitor in the field, Begun company, has earned about $70. Google’s earnings totaled $10 million, triple the amount of last year.

“As our studies show, the growth rates are still very high, just as in 2006,” says Maria Chernitskaya, iConText agency’s general director. MediaSelling agency’s General Director Lev Gleizer remarks that “context advertisement market volume are 15-20 percent higher than that of media advertisement market.”

In 2008, this growth rate of context advertisement market is likely to slow down, according to iConText. So one can predict that the market’s growth will stay at the same level, and its volume will reach the half billion dollar mark.


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