Market volume - $369 million

Mindshare Interaction logo MindShare Interaction advertising agency issued annual results for the Russian internet advertising market in 2007. According to the agency, the market’s total volume was $369 million last year, which is 97% higher than last year. The figures do not include taxes and only take into account the expenditures on ad placement, not including creative budgets and development of advertisement materials.

As predicted, context advertising continued to grow actively in 2007, doubling in volume. The agency evaluates Russian context advertisement market at $210 million last year, 57% of which is internet advertisement.

The volume of internet media advertisement totaled $159 in 2007. Biggest spenders were the auto industry (25%), the FMCG sector, as well as telecom and financial companies (11% each). Retail advertisers were responsible for 8% of the total, expanding from 3% since 2006.

“The internet market grew more intensively in 2007 than in 2006. The figures for media advertisement are quite high, growing by 87%,” says MindShare Interaction general director Dmitry Ashmanov. According to him, such results can be explained by new advertisers, which did not use the internet before. “On the other hand, we also saw rapid growth of various internet projects, which attracted advertisers and increased the market volume, such as weblogs and social networks,” commented the expert.

The market is likely to grow by an average of 75% in 2008, reaching $645 million, $285 million of which will be media advertisement.


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