Web Audience in Russia in 2008: Facts&Stats

Russia have now proper internet audience measurement system.

TNS/Gallup has released their panel/web-counter measurements system and it is now measuring most leading Russian portals (more than 200 sites in September 2008). Their product is called «Web Index». TNS data is a main source of audience data for the agencies, as TNS also leads tv measurement market. TNS also carries out general Russian internet survey. TNS has English site with this data.They say in Moscow in October 2008 Internet penetration was 62% for 12+ audience (5.793 mln people) Monthly audience for Russia at whole is 25.3 mln (41.8% of population), weekly — 21,9 mln. Biggest portal is Yandex.ru — 14.45 mln people used their search in October 2008 (not to mention other services of the portal). Second is Mail.ru — 13.95 mln people used their web-mail service in October 2008 (not to mention other services of the portal). Two biggest social networks are Odnoklassniki.ru and Vkontakte.ru — their monthly audiencies are 12.1 mln and 10.9 mln.

Gemius (the company uses Software Panel, that counts real visitors) also says the biggest portal is Yandex.ru — 19 mln in September 2008 (72% of all web-audience in Russia). Mail.ru is the second in this chart (68% of all audience).

According to FOM («The Public Opinion Foundation», one of the most competent sociological services in Russia), the number of people, using web-services in Russia, had grown 2,5 times since 2003. FOM says, monthly audience for Russia at whole in October 2008 is 31,7 mln (28% of population), weekly — 27,1 mln (24%).

comScore estimates Russia has the 8-th biggest web-audience in the world. In December 2008 28,9 mln people used web services in this country. It is 2,9% all web users in the world.

Russian advertising association AKAR estimated local advertising market in January-September 2008 at 184 bln RUR (about $7.4 bln) with internet media advertising part at 4.5 bln RUR (about $178 mln), which makes 55% growth compared to previous year. AKAR vice president Vladinir Evstafiev estimates the sector will grow 22% in 2008. This doesn’t include context advertising, where there are no «official» estimates, but in 2007 context advertising was estimated at $210-247 mln. AKAR also doesn’t include agency comissions, so in fact overall advertising market may be 1.5 times bigger.


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