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Number of car advertisements in Russian Internet expanded by 85% as compared with 2005.

Логотип MindShare Interaction Advertising agency MindShare INTERACTION has published results of research on volumes of car advertising in the Russian Internet. “According to our calculations, the volume of Internet advertising of cars has increased by 85% as compared with 2005,” says Dmitry Ashmanov, general director of MindShare INTERACTION. “This is explained by increased activity of dealers and entrance of new brands, which have actively used the Internet in their advertising companies. Another objective reason of car manufacturers’ increased interest in the Internet is an opportunity to cover the most solvent audience, the majority of which are potential customers.”

According to the agency’s information, the most active user of Internet advertising resources in 2006 was the General Motors company: no less than 14% of the firm’s advertising budget was spent in the Internet. The company has taken all of its brands, including Hummer and Cadillac, which have never been advertised before, to the Internet.

Honda occupies the second place in this category: the share of its Internet advertising expenditures in 2006 equaled no less than 12% of the aggregate advertising budget in 2006. Other active Internet advertisers included Peugeot, Toyota, Citroen, Ford and Nissan. Experts from MindShare INTERACTIOn note that the main events in the category of Internet car advertising were Severstal-Auto’s project to introduce Fiat Punto car to the Russian market and arrival of Infinity brand in Russia.

MindShare has also said that significant changes have taken place in the strategies of car brands’ advertising presence in the Internet. Two years ago the Internet was full of specialized car sites, which were the most widely used advertising spaces. Now the car manufacturers conduct large-scale advertising campaigns with a big share of ad placements on portals and the use of leading business resources.

In addition to this, a tendency of more active use of special projects and sponsorship placements has manifested itself this year on the market. Next year this tendency will be even more pronounced, since both the car manufacturers and car dealers try to discover non-standard advertising solutions that would attract a new audience.

The car companies are also trying to launch or use community websites, which unite different groups of people with same interests. MindShare specialists stress that one of the most vivid and successful examples of such activities is the Mazda Zoom-Zoom project.

Marketing specialists also forecast that many car brands, which have already launched global Internet projects to advertise their automobiles, will bring the same projects to Russia.

“As of the end of 2006 the share of car advertising in the Internet has increased significantly. In comparison with 2005 the number of clients, who placed advertising blocs connected with cars, on the main page of Rambler portal has almost doubled,” says Konstantin Nefedov, deputy general director of Index20 agency. “This figure is not surprising, because by placing their ads on the pages of large portals, the advertisers not only increase the attendance of advertised resources, but also attract attention to the brand per se.”

Nefedov also noted effectiveness of non-standard ad placements, special projects and sponsorships. “Increased interest in such ad placements, demonstrated by the audience, is a result of perception that such projects are not tied to advertising. It is enough to remember Fiat banner at the main page of Rambler.Ru. The interest in this banner was almost 2.5 times higher as compared with regular ad placement at the same banner location,” he stressed.

The chief editor of Lenta-Auto.ru Dmitry Larchenko also notes that the “share of dealer advertisements in the overall volume of car advertising expenditures in the Internet is growing actively”. “Today, when demand for new cars sets record every day, the main task facing the car dealers is to steal customers from competitors. They are the most active advertisers, who attract the audience with seasonal sales or holiday discounts, shorter lines or better service,” he says. “In this case Internet is one of the most efficient and on-the-spot media resources.”


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