FMCG to triple Internet budgets in 2007

Арсен Ревазов, IMHO VI в эфире РБК-ТВIn 2007 Russian FMCG advertisers will triple their Internet advertising budgets, claims the chairman of the board of IMHO VI agency Arsen Revazov. He expressed this opinion in the course of “In focus” TV program at RBC-TV business channel (file can be downloaded here).

According to Revazov, at present time such FMCG companies as Coca-Cola, Nestle and Procter&Gamble, just like the rest of advertisers, are forming their advertising budgets for next year. “All of them are coming to the Internet and in 2007 all of them will doubtlessly have significant budgets in the Internet. I think that we will see tripling of Internet advertising budgets for FMCG category as compared with this year,” Revazov says. He is confident that expenditures on promotion of FMCG-brands in the Russian Internet will grow from $10-15 million this year to $30-40 million in 2007. “This is a modestly optimistic forecast,” Revazov believes.

Earlier the chairman of IMHO VI board explained that FMCG companies in the Russian Internet are “starting from a low position - $200,000-300,000 last (2005) year”. “If this year Nestle, Procter&Gamble, Unilever or Mars will invest $2-3 million, this may not be enough. The breweries may rise from $1 million last year to investing $4-5 million this year,” such evaluations of FMCG brand’s expenditures on Russian Internet advertising were given by Revazov in an interview with Business daily. The head of IMHO VI believes that overall Internet advertising market in Russia will grow by 50-70% in 2007.


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